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Restoration Project along the Mid-Canada Radar Line

Restoration Project along the Mid-Canada Radar Line
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Ministère de l'environnement et de la lutte contre les changements climatiques
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The restoration project involves six sites along an east-west line located in Inuit, Naskapi and Cree territory.

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The Mid-Canada Line was built in the 1950s for radar monitoring at the 55th parallel and was abandoned in 1965, before being turned over to Quebec in 1966. The six sites are part of a group of 45 sites in Quebec, 43 of which are still not restored.

The equipment still present on the sites consists of empty, above-ground tanks (capacity of a few thousand litres), a pumping system and the building for this purpose, a pipeline connecting the main station and some empty barrels, a compressor and some areas of miscellaneous debris.

The proponent plans to carry out the following activities:

– Removal of residual hazardous materials, their packaging and temporary storage in a compliant space
– Removal of equipment from inside the buildings
– The dismantling of pipes and old fuel tanks
– Dismantling of infrastructure (building, shelter, heliport, other)
– Packaging of dismantled materials on a dedicated surface
– Removal of contaminated soils and packaging these soils on a designated surface
– Off-site transportation of dismantled materials and contaminated soils to designated sites in Schefferville or along the Trans-Taiga Highway. In the case of sites 339A and 403A, materials will be transported to Kuujjuarapik and then to Chisasibi. These designated sites will require agreements between site managers and the receivers.
– Consolidation of dismantled materials for final transport to authorized locations to be identified by the site managers.

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