Name of the project /

Innavik Hydroelectric Project

Innavik Hydroelectric Project
Proponent /
Innergex and Pituvik LHC
Expected date of construction /
2019 - 2022
Community /

Affected area

The Project involves the development of a run-of-river power plant about 10.3 km from the mouth of the Inukjuak River. At this point, the river is composed of four natural waterfalls, with a total height of 14.3 m spread over 2.7 km. The Project’s temporary and permanent infrastructure will be developed on Category I lands in the Northern Village of Inukjuak.

Step of the procedure /

Project submission
Preparation of impact study
Review and public participation
Decision and authorization


The Innavik Hydroelectric Project on Inukjuak Category I lands is an initiative of the Pituvik Landholding Corporation. Begun in 2008, the project stems from the community’s desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bring economic and social benefits to the village’s 1,800 residents. It is part of the Government of Quebec’s 2030 Energy Policy, one of the objectives of which is to reduce use of petrol products by 40%. A targeted priority is converting electricity production from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources in communities isolated from Hydro-Québec’s transmission grids. Like other villages in Nunavik, Inukjuak is supplied in electricity by a diesel thermal power plant operated by Hydro-Québec Distribution, Réseaux autonomes.


The proponent wishes to initiate site preparation work in the fall of 2019, with the installation of the workers’ camp, the upgrading of road infrastructure and the construction of a bridge over the Inukjuak River. Construction work on the various infrastructures will begin in 2020 and continue until 2022.