Public participation

Public participation in the social and environmental assessment process ensures that individuals and groups concerned with a proposed project, or directly affected by it, are kept informed and provided the opportunity to share their opinions, concerns, comments or recommendations on all aspects of the project.

Section 23.3.27 of the JBNQA contains the provision that any individual, group or community may make a written submission to the KEQC concerning any project under its review. In addition, the KEQC may, at its discretion, invite interested parties to make their submissions in person. In this spirit, the KEQC has developed an Information and Public Consultation Procedure.

In general, the KEQC welcomes comments on any of the projects submitted to it for review and analysis. In cases where the potential social and environmental impacts are major or the issues are significant, the KEQC may decide to hold public meetings to hear the views of those involved in or affected by the project, and to provide a forum for discussion on the impacts and issues. Likewise, these public consultation sessions allow the proponent to present their project and its environmental impacts, along with their proposed plans for limiting these impacts.

Prior to these meetings, the KEQC – in collaboration with the proponent – provides the public with information on the project. Once the consultations are scheduled, the KEQC invites written submissions from interested parties.