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Underground Mining of the Méquillon UG1 Deposit - Nunavik Nickel Project

Underground Mining of the Méquillon UG1 Deposit - Nunavik Nickel Project
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Canadian Royalties inc.
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Location /
The Méquillon UG1 deposit is located east of the Méquillon pit

Affected area

The project under this request consists of underground mining a portion of the Expo deposit via ramp access. It is an extension of the current Méquillon deposit operations that were authorized by the 2008 certificate of authorization.

Step of the procedure /

Project submission
Decision and authorization


Authorization of modification of the certificate of authorization


Underground mining involves the construction of new infrastructure. An access portal to the underground ramp (5 m high by 5 m wide) will be built on the surface to the east of the pit, at the location of the existing ore impoundment area. The underground ramp will be approximately 7,143 m long, with a maximum slope of 15% and will reach a depth of 480 m. A 13,000 m2 temporary ore storage area with a capacity to hold 48,000 m3 of ore will be developed to the east of the planned building development area. Support infrastructure for underground operations will also be built, including an underground backfill plant, a mechanical workshop, five generators, diesel tanks, three ventilation raises with access roads (each approximately 25 m2), and platforms to accommodate the ventilation and emergency exit raises.


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