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Project to Regularize and Expand the Existing Quarry at the Kangirsuk Airport

Project to Regularize and Expand the Existing Quarry at the Kangirsuk Airport
Proponent /
Ministère des Transports du Québec
Expected date of construction /
Community /
Location /
The airport is located in the Northern Village of Kangirsuk on Inuit Category I lands. The quarry is located approximately 400 m east of the airstrip

Affected area

The total surface area of the regularized quarry would be 7.2 ha, of which 3.8 ha would be used for operations, 2.2 ha would be used for manoeuvring, and 1.2 ha would be left unused.

Step of the procedure /

Project submission
Preparation of impact study
Review and public participation
Decision and authorization


Autorization of modification of the certificate of authorization


The proponent wishes to regularize the quarry and plan an expansion to meet the needs of the MTQ and the Northern Village for the next 1015 years. To do this, the proponent proposes to form a continuous surface area with two main zones to facilitate the monitoring of operations.
The quarry expansion will meet a one-time KRG requirement for summer 2021 (3,850 m3 of granular material) for culvert repairs at the Tasialuup Creek crossing (Ref. # 3215-08-024), as well as for long-term maintenance of the airport runway and access road. Maintenance and improvement of the runway, which requires approximately 20,000 m3 at each iteration, is performed at 3-, 5-, and 7-year intervals, as needed. Thus, the proposed expansion would remove approximately 93,000 m3 and provide at least three maintenance cycles.



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