Name of the project /

Project to Open and Operate a New Quarry in Tasiujaq, by FCNQ construction

Project to Open and Operate a New Quarry in Tasiujaq, by FCNQ construction
Proponent /
FCNQ construction
Expected date of construction /
2021 - 2030
Community /
Location /
The project site is located approximately 3 km northwest of the Tasiujaq airport and over 3 km from the nearest residences, on category II land

Affected area

FCNQ Construction Inc. is planning the development of a new quarry with a maximum surface area of 2.6 hectares.

Step of the procedure /

Project submission
Decision and authorization


Questions and Comments


The project aims to produce aggregates for the community of Tasiujaq. The proponent’s objective is to produce 200,000 tonnes of aggregate over the first two years. It estimated that production will subsequently be revised upwards, due to anticipated growth in demand in the community.

The main works planned are organic matter stripping (when found), surveying, drilling, hole loading, blasting (once a week), crushing, screening and stockpiling. Each of the operating periods (2021–2023, 2025–2027 and 2029–2030) will be followed by rehabilitation.

Final restoration will be carried out at the end of the operating period. Unstable blocks will be removed from the quarry walls, fencing may be installed, landings of up to 4-m high will be built if the walls are higher than 10 m and the bottom of the quarry will be made suitable for water drainage


The proponent’s intention is to begin works in June 2021 and finish them in June 2030