Name of the project /

Hydraulic Structure in Salluit to Cross the Kuuguluk River

Hydraulic Structure in Salluit to Cross the Kuuguluk River
Proponent /
Kativik Regional Government (KRG)
Expected date of construction /
Community /
Location /
Site located to the east of the village on Kuuguluk River, on category I land.

Affected area

Northern Village of Salluit

Step of the procedure /

Project submission
Decision and authorization




The project consists of designing a hydraulic structure to cross the Kuuguluk River to provide access to a cemetery. The existing structures are aging, maladapted to the hydraulic conditions and require annual corrective works to ensure user safety. The project would replace the culverts and facilitate water flow during spring flooding periods, provide safe access to the cemetery for the community and ensure the free passage of fish.

The structure’s footprint is planned to be 30 meters long and the right of way would measure 4.5 meters. The crossing will be a single lane and therefore traffic will be alternated. The new structure will be built on the same site as the old culverts without any additional encroachment onto the shoreline. The five existing culverts will be replaced by a new alignment of six circular culverts of two meters in diameter.