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Eco-Centre and Resource Recovery Station Project

Eco-Centre and Resource Recovery Station Project
Proponent /
Northern Village of Kuujjuaq, Kativik Reional Government (KRG)
Expected date of construction /
Community /
Location /
Northern Village of Kuujjuaq, projects are located on Category III lands

Affected area

The site is located along an existing road (Aqpik Road). It will therefore not be necessary to build an access road. The site was selected by the Council of the Northern Village of Kuujjuaq and its use approved by the community’s Land Use Committee. It is adjacent to the current NLS.

Step of the procedure /

Project submission
Decision and authorization



The purpose of the project is to establish a first eco-centre and resource recovery station in a community in Nunavik to develop a safe and accessible place for residents, institutions, businesses and industries to bring hazardous and bulky materials that are refused in regular waste collection.

The eco-centre is a transfer station for waste that is not accepted in regular garbage. These materials would be sorted at the eco-centre to redirect them according to the indicated management method.

The resource recovery station promotes reuse and repurposing. Citizens and organizations can bring in any residential objects that are in good or slightly damaged condition. Some parts or objects will come from the eco-centre. All these objects will then be made available to the general public. Household appliances, furniture, tools, sports equipment, car parts, construction materials, etc. will all be found there.