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Culvert Reconstruction and Crossing Restoration Project on Tasialuup Stream

Culvert Reconstruction and Crossing Restoration Project on Tasialuup Stream
Proponent /
Kativik Regional Government
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Community /
Location /
The project is located on Class I lands approximately 3 km east of the Northern Village of Kangirsuk

Affected area

The crossing that is the object of the works allows passage over Tasialuup Stream in Kangirsuk

Step of the procedure /

Project submission
Decision and authorization



The Tasialuup Stream crossing is the only access road to the northern landfill site located to the west of Kangirsuk. The existing crossing, which was certified as non-toxic on June 20, 2013, (ref. #: 3215-05-005) is made of riprap covered with granular material. Currently, two main culverts and two raised overflow culverts allow water to cross this embankment. One of the main culverts was torn out by flooding in 2016. It was replaced with a temporary structure consisting of two end-to-end shipping containers covered with wood decking. The second main culvert shows significant corrosion and has partially collapsed. In addition, the existing fill shows signs of erosion, particularly around the main culverts.
Considering the hydraulic and civil security risks of the current structure as well as the importance of the road for public services and access to the territory, the proponent wishes to restore the crossing by replacing the obsolete culverts and stabilizing the structure with riprap.
The crossing of Tasialuup Stream is slated to undergo major repairs over its entire length (200 m). The two main culverts and the two overflow culverts will be removed and replaced with two new rectangular reinforced-concrete culverts. In addition, two metal guardrails will be installed on the crossing. The entire length of the crossing will be graded (300–500 mm) to ensure stability.