Name of the project

Wind-turbine farm at the Raglan mine site


Glencore Canada Corporation

Expected date of construction

Summer 2014



Step of the procedure

  • Decision and authorization


The Commission has decided to authorize the project under certain conditions.


The project consists in the construction and operation of a wind-turbine farm close to the Raglan Mine facilities in Katinniq, with a power output of 3 to 9 MW. The farm will link to the mining site’s existing thermal-power facilities at Katinniq and Deception Bay. The project also includes a hydrolysis unit and storage of hydrogen. This last component will be used when the wind energy will go beyond the requirements of the load to be converted into fuel instead of being dissipated. The first phase involves the installation of a wind turbine as well as the hydrolysis unit and the storage of hydrogen. Depending on the performance obtained in this wind, the other five will be installed during the second phase.

This project will enable Raglan Mine to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 6,447 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year.


One windmill was installed in the summer of 2014.

Documents available for consultation

Additional information

For more information, contact the KEQC secretariat:

Phone: 418-521-3950, ext. 4810


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