Name of the project

Installation of a temporary storage site for hazardous wastes in Kuujjuaq


Avataani Environmental inc.

Expected date of construction

Starting in fall of 2014



Step of the procedure

  • Decision and authorization


The Commission has decided not to subject the project to the environmental and social impact assessment procedure.


The project involves the temporary storage of less than 40 metric tons of hazardous waste material (HWM) on Avataa’s property. HWM will be collected mainly from institutions, excluding the NV which manages its own wastes. HWM will be stored in elevated marine containers or inside a berm lined area (roofed) before being shipped to Montreal for final disposal. Retention basins will be built around the containers. The project also involves (in 2015), the treatment of contaminated water. Discharge in the environment (there is no watercourse within a 1 km radius) of treated water will only be done if it respects discharge criteria. Analysis will be conducted in order to verify that.

The material includes waste oil, contaminated absorbant, lead batteries, fluorescent tubes, antifreeze, oily water, oily mud, inflammable aerosol cans, oil filters, electronic waste, inflammable liquids, tanks containing hydrocarbon residues, domestic hazardous waste, contaminated snow.

Documents available for consultation

Additional information

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Phone: 418-521-3950, ext. 4810


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