Name of the project

Strange Lake B-Zone Rare Earth Mine


Quest Rare Minerals ltd.

Expected date of construction

July 2018


Lac Brisson

Step of the procedure

  • Preparation of impact study
  • Review and public participation
  • Decision and authorization


This project involves the annual production of about 357,600 tons of rare earth concentrate over a 30 year period (2019-2049).

The proposed site of the mine is located in Quebec, close to Lake Brisson, on the border with Labrador. The project includes the following facilities and infrastructures:

  • An open pit from which ore will be extracted;
  • An storage area for ore awaiting treatment;
  • An ore crushing, grinding and flotation treatment plant;
  • A concentrate stockpile;
  • A tailings impoundment area;
  • Sedimentation basins;
  • Strorage areas for waste rock, overburden and soils;
  • A workers camp;
  • A airstrip;
  • A road of about 18 km long between the ore processing plant and the Labrador border;
  • A multipurpose building;
  • A water supply system;
  • A sewage treatment system;
  • A power generation plant composed of 5 diesel generators;
  • A hydrocarbon reservoir;
  • A landfill.

The rare earth concentrate would be trucked to port facilities located in Edward’s Cove on the Labrador coast. To do this, a 152 km long road between the Labrador border and Edward’s Cove is proposed.

Preliminary information transmitted to the KEQC provide more details on the proposed development, the receiving environment, the main anticipated impacts, the public information and consultation process proposed by Quest Rare Minerals ltd. and a preliminary project schedule. This document is available here.


According to the proponent’s schedule, the mine construction would begin in July 2018. Start of production is scheduled for July 2019.

Documents available for consultation

Additional information

For more information, contact the KEQC secretariat.


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