Name of the project

Puimajuq deposit mining project


Canadian Royalties inc.

Step of the procedure

  • Review and public participation
  • Decision and authorization


The project is to exploit the Puimajuq deposit from an open pit that would have a length of 215 m, a width of 105 m and a depth of 50 m. The ore would be transported to the Expo industrial complex for treatment. Tailings would be stored in an area constructed to this end at the edge of the pit.

The surface water runoff of the the entire mine site would be captured by a network of ditches and directed to a collection and sedimentation basin. The waters would be returned to the Allamaq mine site to be treated.

Access to the mining site requires the construction of 9.3 km route.

The project includes the restoration of the site at the end of its exploitation.

The approximate lifespan of the deposit is 13 months at an extraction rate of 13 550 tons per month.

The impact statement provided to the Commission gives more details on the proposed mining installations and present a description of the receiving environment, the expected impacts, the proposed mitigation measures and the monitoring and follow-up program.


According to the calendar submitted by the proponent, the construction of the access road to the mining site would start in May 2016 and the exploitation of the deposit in September 2016.

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