Name of the project

Port infrastructures at Deception Bay


Canadian Royalties inc.

Expected date of construction

Summer 2014

Step of the procedure

  • Decision and authorization


The Commission has decided to authorize the project under certain conditions.


The proposed wharf consists of a floating barge moored perpendicular to the shore, the ship’s bow being close to the high water level. The barge is 122 m long, 23 m wide and 6.1 m high. It will be kept in place using eight anchor spud legs distributed on both sides of the barge, six towards the back of the barge and two spud legs near the shore. The floating barge will follow the movement of the tides by sliding along these spud legs. The barge is also attached to anchors on the shore, with winches used to adjust the tension in the mooring cables.

No dredging or spud leg driving is required for this design. Gravity will cause the spud legs to sink into the silty clay layer on the seabed. Moreover, no rockfill is required in marine environments. Further, the short time required to install the wharf means that no temporary wharf will be necessary.

Ore will be transloaded from the concentrate hall to the ore carrier via a conveyer consisting of six sections with a nominal capacity of 500 t/h. Each section will be installed in a completely closed and watertight structure. Inspections of the wharf will be visual and rigourous, especially during the winter. The concept does not require maintenance.

The site proposed for the permanent floating wharf and the ore transloading system remains site Q1, as authorized in the global CA issued on May 20th 2008.


Work was conducted in the summer of 2014.

Additional information

For more information, contact the KEQC secretariat:

Phone: 418-521-3950, ext. 4810


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